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11/02/2009 09:19
The site is opened for everyone who knows that horses go the letterSmile
We study in game: the Murzilka draws chessmen

« Who is faster? ». All chessmen lay on a table. Offer the child posostjazatsja with you in such game: who will more quickly collect in the certain place two-rub identical chessmen. « Above a head ». Name any chess figure. The child should find and lift it quickly above a head.

« On a chair ». Put on a chair any chess figure. On the different parties from a chair, but equally spaced from it rise with the child. Count to three and on the account "three" run to a chair. The one who the first will seize a chess figure, should name it.

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We acquaint with a chessboard: Surprising cells

It is necessary to find white and black chess fields in figure (ris.: a room, in it sprjatany 8 light and 8 dark cells);

To find the cells located in chessboard order, in figure (ris.: the crossroads, black-and-white cells are visible by a taxi, transition, clothes, a wall of the house, a suitcase, the newspaper, a cap, the book, the first-aid set, a cube, a part of sidewalk, stock of the film-mechanic, a chessboard which is carried under the arm by the boy). Show the child the center – four fields in the middle of a chessboard. Explain, that chess opponents in another way name partners.

admin February 11 2009 8:30:49 AM
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Osnovye figures, znakomtes: White ladja!

Reading to the kid the text of a fairy tale, be guided by a principle posilnosti, allow to move to the child white ladju for Pinokkio, Djujmovochku, CHipollino. If the child cannot correctly move ladju for characters of a fairy tale yet, show courses ladi and ask the kid to repeat for you. To children 5 years are more senior is possible to explain, that lines happen vertical (black-and-white paths which pass from one opponent to another) and horizontal (black-and-white paths which go from left to right). Add, that in another way vertical lines name verticals, and horizontal lines – horizontals. Practice shows, that to the child who has not reached five years' age, difficultly steadily to distinguish a horizontal from a vertical, to utter and remember these words. Offer the kid: – from cubes of two colors to lay out a line. It is good, if sides of cubes at size water your chessboard then cubes can be placed on a chessboard; – To paint in a checkered writing-book a path – "line"; – to draw "line" melom on asphalt.

admin February 11 2009 8:29:42 AM
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To beat or to not beat?

More conveniently settle down behind a chessboard or a chess little table and battle to the child in didactic game « Ladja against ladi ». Put in opposite corners of a chessboard white and black ladi. The purpose of game: to beat ladju the opponent. It is obvious, that at accurate game to win it will be possible – to not put nobody enough the ladju on a line where it is located ladja the partner. Simplicity of similar single combat is deceptive, do not hurry the child is its "baptism of fire". Watch that the kid correctly carried out a course ladi (did not jump her on the next line) and did not put the ladju under impact of yours. It is not excluded, that in the beginning the kid will often substitute the ladju under fight. Do not become angry about it, patiently correct and set a leading question: whether « I here shall take yours ladju? ». "Be mistaken", putting the ladju under impact ladi the kid. If the child will not notice your "mistake", direct to it its attention.

admin February 11 2009 8:28:23 AM
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The white elephant, who it such?

The secrets were slightly opened by the white chess elephant. Now the child should practise game by the white elephant – very important, that it precisely moved obliquely (on a diagonal), not jumping on adjacent diagonals.

The word "diagonal" to the kid is more younger than five years the nobility not necessarily. To the child is more senior than five years it is possible to explain, that the longest diagonals from eight fields refer to as greater diagonals. That on white fields elephants move belopolnye, and on black cells elephants go chernopolnye. Offer the child: – to lay out from cubes a slanting path – a diagonal; – to paint in a checkered writing-book a black diagonal from two, three, four cells;

admin February 11 2009 8:27:33 AM
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Uneasy, but in game all is possible: reception the elephant against the elephant

Has come it is time to you to battle to the child elephants. The first duel: the elephant against the elephant. Can explain to the kid, that if white and black elephants go on cells of the same colors it is one-colour elephants and if your elephants move on fields of different color it is multi-coloured elephants. In the beginning play on a board eight on eight fields one-colour elephants. The child should learn to not put the elephant under fight, and also to beat your elephant when you "will be mistaken". Then play multi-coloured elephants. In this game to win it is impossible, in fact these elephants never can meet on one cell. Play two elephants against one, to two two. Do not forget also fragments of a chessboard.

admin February 11 2009 8:26:30 AM
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Who of whom perevojujuet? Ladja against the elephant

The most complex here – to learn to limit mobility of a figure of the partner. The kid will master this art far not at once. At exact game of opponents on a board « eight on eight fields » ladja, the elephant will not beat each other. It is important, that the child himself has experienced, that ladja is stronger than the elephant – at it more than fields on which it can go. From any field of a chessboard ladja attacks 14 cells, and the elephant from the center – 13, and from a corner – only 7. Playing against the elephant, ladja can always attack it in two ways – on a vertical or across (certainly if the elephant is not necessary under fight then ladja it at once will beat). At the same time the elephant not always can far attack on ladju, in fact half of cells of a chessboard is accessible to it only. If ladja and the elephant are located on fields of various color the elephant cannot attack on ladju. Therefore it is possible to explain to the child, that, putting ladju on fields of other color, than on what the elephant moves, it never will substitute it under fight and will not lose.

admin February 11 2009 8:25:04 AM
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Let's talk about light: the White queen

The course of a queen is much more combined for perception of the child of 3-5 years, than courses ladi and the elephant. Even having learned correctly to move on a chessboard ladju and the elephant, the three-year kid is at a loss to unite mentally their opportunities in one figure. Therefore to training to a course of a queen give more time, than training to courses ladi and the elephant.

admin February 11 2009 8:23:52 AM
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We tell fairy tales: a fairy tale " the Black queen "

Has come it is time to you to battle to the child the strongest chessmen – queens. As it is usual, begin with game on a classical board a queen against a queen: white against black. At accurate game this duel will come to the end in a draw. But experience shows, that similar accuracy for children of 3-4 years is rare enough. As a rule, children over and over again put the queen under fight of yours (diagonal impact is more often looked through), resulting training in despair. Have patience, explaining to the child of its mistake.

admin February 11 2009 8:22:51 AM
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Interesting reception - the Queen against ladi and the elephant

It is much more complex to battle to the elephant and lade against a queen on fragments of a chessboard. So, the elephant at all in a condition to avoid razjashchego impact of a queen on one of 6 fragments of a board. Ladja will always escape from a queen only on a fragment of a chessboard « four cells on four », on a fragment « three fields on four » the drawn game is reached only in the event that lade it is possible to make the way on one of extreme verticals. As it is paradoxical, if ladja borrows the central fields, the queen at the course is always capable "to tame and beat it.

admin February 11 2009 8:21:20 AM
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